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ATPI Group reports most profitable year-to-date following unrivalled half-year financial result

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ATPI Group reports record-high levels of sales, following the company’s most profitable year since the group’s inception over two decades ago.

  • 35% year-on-year uplift in sales in H1
  • 25% profitability growth since pre-pandemic in 2019.
  • ATPI Group expects business to double in size in the next 5 years

The news comes following strong H1 financial results whereby the company saw a 35% uplift in sales for the first half of this year compared to that of H1 FY22. The ATPI Group reveals its strengthened performance was seen across every business line and territory in which it operates. The uplift in sales has also driven strong profit growth for H1 2023 over H1 2022, as well as reporting an almost 30% increase in revenue and EBITDA. 

The company credits its record success to its exceptional service levels, staff retention, flexible business model and restructuring efforts during the pandemic. ATPI Group’s large client base in the marine industry meant that a significant percentage of the business never slowed down during the pandemic and the company was able to retain a large proportion of its workforce and streamline its operations in other areas, taking on new clients, whilst also maintaining excellent service levels for its existing client base. 

ATPI Group’s growth strategy, which combined sustained business over COVID with significant new client wins outside of the marine industry, including the development of mining and resources business lines, together with growing its sports, media and entertainment businesses, has proven pivotal in the company’s ongoing performance. 

Comprising of over 100 offices worldwide, the ATPI Group is a global leader in travel management for corporate, marine and energy businesses, sports and corporate event management, united by the aim to truly connect and deliver what really matters to every single customer.

Ian Sinderson, ATPI Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “ATPI emerged from the pandemic in a creative, innovative and service-focused manner and we’re now stronger than ever. We quickly transitioned from a competitive TMC in each tender process to clear winners. I challenge us to sustain post-COVID momentum and take nothing for granted. By doing so, we fully expect to double the size of our business in the next five years.”

As part of the company’s commitment to meet client demands, the ATPI Group has increased technology investment spend by 35% from pre-COVID levels. This investment has allowed the group to further extend its multi-channel communication offering, by updating and integrating its profile, invoice, approval and itinerary platform with Microsoft teams. The Group has also upgraded the mobile app and invested in a new analytics platform for clients. 

Additionally, as travel managers’ buying decisions continue to shift away from price and towards greater standards of service, the ATPI Group has a proven track record for delivering fast and effective communication, and providing a flexible service for customers even during peak periods where travel delays and issues are rife. 

However, despite on-going labour shortages, rising costs and the growing threat of recession, staffing is back to pre-COVID levels with ATPI also placing a heavy focus on bringing in and growing the next generation of business travel managers and consultants through its prominent trainee recruitment and development programme. 

Furthermore, the company has also developed a strategic voice for HR globally that can be tailored in local markets, including recruitment targets in various departments and countries for key growth areas. 

“Our clients need us to have the best talent, technology and data and we’re doing just that. In fact, the more complicated and fragmented the industry becomes, the better we’re getting.” Added Sinderson.

“Our continued and significant growth is a testament to our commitment to customers around the world. We pride ourselves in being a safe pair of hands, especially when times get tough, and the trust we have sustained over the course of the pandemic and beyond is second-to-none. 

“The ATPI Group has a long history of staying ahead of the curve and we like to think of ourselves as the racing speedboat of the business travel world. We’re small enough to implement change quickly and adapt to the ever-evolving travel landscape, while also being fast and nimble enough to keep winning by delivering what really matters to each and every single one of our customers.” 

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