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Ntakata REDD+ Project

Avoiding deforestation and improving land protection.
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  • The project, located in the Tanganyika District, covers 216,000 hectares of land and prevents the deforestation of over 1.25m trees each year
  • The project will reduce emissions through avoided deforestation by over 5.7m tons of CO2e over the project’s first 10 years
  • A collaborative approach enables partnership between the project developer, Carbon Tanzania, and the District Government and local village communities, therefore improving land protection and governance across the project area
  • Carbon revenues are utilized to provide health services, develop school infrastructure, improve farming practices, develop new crops, plant woodlots for fuelwood and cultivate fruit trees – in total this improves the livelihoods of over 20,000 individuals
  • The project protects the habitats of 13 endangered species, including the Eastern Chimpanzee and African Elephant, as well as 38 large mammal species and 261 bird species
  • Veera and CCB Triple Gold Certified
The following Sustainable Development Goals are being pursued with this project:
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