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Forest-Based Avoided Emissions

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  • PT. Rimba Makmur Utama (PT. RMU)
  • 148,800 ha
  • The 13m deep peat swamp holds millions of tonnes of carbon. Therefore by protecting this area from being converted into acacia plantations huge quantities of carbon are prevented from being released each year
  • The project helps communities use resources in a sustainable manner, there are equal rights and opportunities for women, and it supports innovation to develop environmentally friendly products which inspire locals to protect the forests
  • Over 7 million tonnes of CO2e are avoided every year
  • The peatland is 26,000 years old and stores nearly half a billion tonnes of carbon which would be released over 60 years without the protection of the project area
  • Protects 5 critically endangered species, 8 endangered species and 31 vulnerable species. This area notably homes the following endangered primates: Borneo Orangutan, Southern Bornean Gibbon and the Probiscus Monkey
  • The project enhances the quality of life and reduces poverty by creating economic opportunities and sustainable livelihood options. It also enhances the community resilience by increasing the capacity to cope with socio-ecological risks.
  • Verra (VCS) – VM0007
  • Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) – Triple Gold
  • Project Lifetime: 60 years from 2010
  • Project Status: Project last verification was completed in 2020 for issuance of 2019 credits
The following Sustainable Development Goals are being pursued with this project:
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