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Efficient Cookstoves

More efficient cookstoves improve health and reduce emissions.
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  • The project manufactures and distributes the market-leading Burn Manufacturing ‘Jikokoa’ stove
  • The cookstoves are more efficient, leading to avoided forest degradation, lower emissions and better community health
  • The stoves reduce the charcoal needed to cook a meal, resulting in CO2 savings of 4-5 tonnes per stove per year. With 600,000 cookstoves distributed so far, 2021 saw more than 1,200,000 tones of CO2e emissions avoided
  • Made in Africa, the design has been recognised in the Ashden Sustainability Awards for empowering women with new economic opportunities
  • The project is a fully certified, Gold standard programme
The following Sustainable Development Goals are being pursued with this project:
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