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Burapha Agroforestry Project

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  • The Project focuses upon the establishment of FSC-certified plantations in the Western and Central provinces of Laos.
  • Most of Laos’ carbon emissions are released from forest degradation. This project works to mitigate these negative climate impacts and assist Laos in meeting its Nationally Determined Contribution in line with the Paris Agreement.
  • The project will increase forest cover on degraded lands, planting 1,111 trees per hectare, and creating 4,400 jobs for locals.
  • With 72,000 hectares of land managed by the project, an average of 28,449 tonnes of CO2 will be removed per year.
  • 20% of the land managed by the project is designated as conservation areas to protect native species including pangolins, gibbons and the Asiatic black bear.
  • A Verified Carbon Standard (VERRA) certified project.
The following Sustainable Development Goals are being pursued with this project:
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