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DAZN and ATPI celebrate global partnership

DAZN, the leading global sports streaming service, that is changing the landscape of sports broadcasting, marks a successful partnership with world-leading travel management company, ATPI, as the business’s sole global travel management company (TMC).

Founded in the UK in 2015, DAZN has established itself as a pioneer in on-demand sports streaming and is fast becoming the global leader in digital sports media providing ground-breaking live and on-demand sports streaming services to users in over 200 countries and territories.

The partnership is significant for ATPI as the TMC continues to firmly secure its place as a media production expert following its successful bid for the ITV account in May 2021. ATPI’s expertise in sports and media production travel, moving large groups of people and working with global brands were all key factors which supported the appointment.

ATPI has been servicing DAZN since July 2022, managing all elements of the company’s crew and production travel. After a successful implementation period, the TMC is managing travel of DAZN employees and partners to the 15 markets in which the business operates, including the United Kingdom, North America and other key countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Kim Trenter, DAZN Global Travel Manager:

“Working with the experienced ATPI team has already made such a positive impact for us. Their knowledge and proven track record in managing media production travel and previous collaboration with global sports brands makes them the right partner for our growing company. The single booking portal is of extreme importance to us. This, combined with their best in market online booking tools and reporting capabilities, have been invaluable to us so far. After a successful implementation period, we’re looking forward to seeing how we can drive the  programme forward, to make us fit for the future and continue to grow.”

Katie Skitterall, ATPI Group Commercial Director:

“Working with DAZN is such an incredible step in expanding our crew and media production travel portfolio. I am so proud of the team around me, with the implementation complete, we now walk into business as usual, which for me, is where the real fun starts as we collaborate, challenge and support DAZN to transform their programme into one that is yet to be seen in the industry.

The ATPI Group has a global presence, operating from more than 190 offices worldwide and has successful operations within corporate travel, corporate event management, sports and media travel utilising the lasts innovations in online travel technology and specialist travel management for several key industries, including the film and broadcast sectors. In addition to large production crews, ATPI also has extensive experience of managing the complex travel requirements of a number of specialist groups.

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