Online Adoption
Online Adoption

Hotel programme & increased online adoption


Global Fashion Company

James Draper

Head of Sales, UK



This client is a fast-expanding global fashion company with over 100,000 employees worldwide. To progress its strategy for growth in new and existing markets, it has opened hundreds of new stores over the last few years and continues to aim for a store increase of 10–15 percent per year.

An ambitious expansion programme required greater support from a travel management company (TMC) to cope with the high demand for travel and hotel rooms – particularly for store openings.


Despite previously working with a leading TMC, our client was looking for greater travel savings, increased online adoption and more strategic account management. The company had been negotiating its own hotel programme but, without in depth market knowledge, was not receiving the best deals. It was using extensive internal resources to manage the programme, including auditing rates, producing reports and aiming to source the best deals.

The organisations rapid growth required a closer strategic TMC relationship, with more regular and improved MI reporting, to move it forward.


To drive online adoption, Direct ATPI Global Travel provided a comprehensive online booking tool for air, rail and hotels, via a bespoke client dashboard. Each booker has a unique login which provides direct links to travel tools and valuable information all through single sign on.

The online tool offers bookers a clear way to view relevant travel options 24/7. For example, for air travel, bookers are shown a variety of carriers (including low cost airlines), fares, times and other options, rather than resorting to a single carrier out of habit.

A complete review of the organisations hotel programme was undertaken – historically this was mostly related to store openings. The result was consolidation of bookings in fewer key hotels in each location, always within walking distance of the store and flexible to the last-minute changes often needed. Direct ATPI negotiated improved rates, added value services (such as breakfast, food and beverage discounts and WiFi) and special terms /conditions for the store fitters, trainers, visual merchandisers and other support staff who are essential to each new opening, as well as for staff travelling for other reasons.

Additional services provided by Direct ATPI include events management – particularly for regional meetings and interviews for new store staff – and tracking and tracing of visa applications through the in-house Passport & Visa team.


Adoption of online bookings has been excellent: 99.9% for rail, 88% for air and 77% for hotels.

In just 9 months, Direct ATPI’s creative ticketing techniques and discounted fares for air travel have brought the client savings of over £32,000, over and above the best available public fares.

The new hotel programme, covering over 40 preferred hotels in over 20 key locations, not only saves fees through online adoption but also means staff no longer need to negotiate and maintain the programme in-house.

Additionally, regular reporting of travel and hotel bookings by account code and ‘spend type’, searchable by traveller, together with specific monthly reports on spend associated with store openings, help budget holders to make strategic business travel decisions.

The new preferred hotel programme, covering 43 hotels in over 21 key locations, not only saves fees through online adoption but also means staff no longer need to negotiate and maintain the programme in-house

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