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John bergmann
John Bergmann

Commercial Head Corporate & Sports Events


As a cornerstone of the energy industry, based in Dubai, our client’s marketing division operates on a global scale, driving brand presence and industry leadership. With a calendar packed with smaller events and a flagship annual showcase, they needed a partner capable of navigating the intricacies of event incentive management across cultures and continents.

The Challenge

The client’s ambition was clear: to create an unforgettable incentive event experience that would not only eradicate past delivery issues but also elevate the stature of their showcase event. Each delegate’s journey was to be meticulously crafted to ensure an exceptional experience. However, with a diverse pool of attendees from different cultures all around the world and intricate logistical considerations spanning the globe, the challenge was undeniably formidable.

The Solution

ATPI embraced the challenge head-on, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to exceed expectations. From orchestrating intricate flight schedules to securing accommodations tailored to each delegate’s preferences, ATPI left no stone unturned. The team deep dived into the individual wishes of the attendees, considering dietary restrictions, such as including the provision of halal food options, ensuring that every aspect of the event catered to their diverse needs. Ground transportation logistics were seamlessly managed, ensuring smooth transitions from airports to hotels and event venues.

But ATPI’s commitment to excellence didn’t stop there. Recognising the importance of creating a lasting impression, they curated bespoke marketing materials and personalised merchandise, adding a touch of exclusivity to the event experience. Exclusive venue access further elevated the event’s prestige, setting the stage for an unforgettable occasion.

Delegate satisfaction was paramount, and ATPI leveraged innovative event websites and immersive photo/video documentation to ensure every attendee felt valued and engaged. Moreover, embracing their corporate social responsibility, ATPI organised activities that not only enriched the event experience but also benefited local communities and underprivileged children, aligning with the client’s values and priorities.

The Result

The partnership yielded unparalleled success. The event unfolded seamlessly, surpassing expectations and leaving delegates with lasting memories. Not only did it elevate the brand’s profile, but it also contributed positively to the local community and environment. ATPI’s professionalism and crisis management prowess ensured peace of mind for the client, aligning perfectly with their corporate standards.

ATPI’s professionalism and crisis management prowess were instrumental in ensuring peace of mind for the client. Every detail was meticulously executed, leaving no room for error. The success metrics spoke volumes, with impeccable budget management, glowing delegate and supplier satisfaction, and effusive client feedback serving as testaments to the efficacy of ATPI’s approach.

“Thank you so very much to the ATPI team who have delivered the most amazing, well-organised, and delivered event to date. The attention to detail and continuous coordination has made this event special for us all.”

Buoyed by this success, ATPI and the client continue to collaborate, with ATPI delivering repeat events for various groups within the organisation. Moreover, the partnership remains dynamic, with competitive tendering processes underway for future annual event contracts. The journey towards excellence is ongoing, with ATPI as the steadfast companion, guiding the client towards new heights of success.

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