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ATPI’s Seamless Solution for Seadrill’s Bermuda Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting





In the dynamic landscape of corporate events, unforeseen challenges can arise, demanding swift and effective solutions. Such was the case for Seadrill, a global offshore drilling contractor when the departure of a key team member just four weeks before their Bermuda Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting (AGM) left them in a tight spot. The team member responsible for coordinating these critical meetings had bid farewell, leaving Seadrill to find an urgent solution.

Navigating Challenges

The team member’s departure was compounded by additional complexities. Seadrill was in the midst of a significant move, relocating its headquarters from London to Houston. Moreover, the international nature of the event attendees and the inherent last-minute changes in travel plans added layers of intricacy to the situation. The need for a flawless audiovisual experience during board meetings further heightened the stakes.

ATPI’s Entry into the Scene

Recognising the challenge at hand, Seadrill turned to ATPI for a solution. ATPI’s Events Team, working in collaboration with ATPI Management, engaged with Seadrill’s Human Resources team (HR) to formulate a comprehensive plan. The objective was clear – to ensure the seamless execution of the Bermuda Board Meeting and AGM.

The Solution Unveiled

In response to the unique circumstances, ATPI proposed a novel approach. Unlike the traditional model where ATPI handles pre-booking, planning, and logistics remotely, this time, an experienced ATPI staff member was proposed to be on-site throughout the event. This individual would work hand-in-hand with on-site Seadrill personnel coordinating the meetings and guaranteeing a flawless event execution.

A Collaborative Triumph

The selected ATPI staff member, armed with a wealth of knowledge gained from working on previous Seadrill board meetings, seamlessly collaborated with Seadrill’s coordinator. Together, they took charge of overseeing the entire event, from start to finish. Despite the challenges presented by personnel changes, the event unfolded without a hitch. Seadrill’s Chair of the Board acknowledged their joint efforts and toasted to the success of the event during the main board and management dinner.

In the face of unexpected challenges, ATPI’s agile and collaborative approach played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of Seadrill’s Board Meeting and AGM. Further highlighting ATPI’s commitment to delivering tailored and effective solutions, adapting to the ever-evolving needs of its clients. By providing on-site support and expertise, ATPI not only filled the void left by the departed team member but also showcased the effectiveness of unified efforts in elevating the client experience during critical corporate events.

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