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ATPI ExpenSys

Control travel

Remain in control of your travel budget through ATPI ExpenSys with a fully integrated travel expenses system.


ATPI ExpenSys is your organisation’s comprehensive solution for monitoring corporate travel expenditure, offering real-time tracking from the moment travel plans are initiated until your travellers return to the office. This sophisticated platform ensures transparency throughout the entire travel lifecycle, eliminating the possibility of unforeseen expenses when receipts are submitted later on. By providing continuous visibility into travel costs, ATPI ExpenSys empowers financial teams to proactively manage budgets, identify potential cost-saving opportunities, and maintain control over expenditures. This end-to-end tracking not only minimises financial surprises but also enhances accountability and compliance, reinforcing your organization’s financial health and efficiency in corporate travel management.

Streamlined Expense Management

Streamlined expense management

Simplify expense tracking, submission, and approval processes with a user-friendly and automated system.

Receipt Capture Anytime, Anywhere

Receipt capture anytime, anywhere

Capture receipts on the go using the mobile app, ensuring accurate expense records and minimising manual data entry.

International Compliance

International compliance

Incorporating local tax rules in order to maximise VAT recovery and ensure that your organisation is internationally compliant.

Effortless Currency Conversion

Effortless currency conversion

Automatically convert expenses into your preferred currency, eliminating manual calculations and errors.

Multi-Level Approval Workflows

Multi-level approval workflows

Customise approval processes based on expense type, ensuring accurate oversight and compliance.

Analytics-Driven Insights

Analytics-driven insights

Combining expenses and travel data to report total cost of travel at every level from corporate entity to individual traveller and individual trip.

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