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ATPI CrewLink

Efficient crew
travel management

Plan and manage travel more efficiently with ATPI CrewLink, a travel management tool designed by industry experts.


ATPI CrewLink emerged in response to the industry’s specific demands and intricate challenges faced by professionals on a daily basis. Engineered to align with sector-specific requirements, this innovative solution goes beyond conventional approaches. By automating intricate travel logistics and seamlessly integrating with existing systems, ATPI CrewLink not only enhances efficiency but also establishes a foundation for more cost-effective travel management processes. Empowering organizations to navigate the dynamic landscape of crew travel logistics, it stands as a testament to adaptability and effectiveness in an industry where precision and responsiveness are paramount for success.

Efficient Crew Scheduling

Efficient crew scheduling

Optimise crew schedules and assignments for seamless operations, reducing disruptions and delays.

Real-Time Crew Tracking

Real-time crew tracking

Monitor crew movements and assignments in real time, ensuring accurate situational awareness.

Automated Itinerary Monitoring

Integrated communication hub

Facilitate direct communication between crew members, enhancing coordination and response times.

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Dynamic roster management

Manage crew availability, preferences, and certifications with ease, ensuring the right team for each task.

Effortless Policy Enforcement

Regulatory compliance monitoring

Automatically track crew compliance with aviation regulations and certifications, avoiding legal issues.

Duty of Care Assurance

Crew wellbeing support

Monitor crew fatigue, rest periods, and well-being to prioritise safety and maintain optimal performance.

Instant Emergency Communication

Crisis response coordination

Enable rapid response to unexpected events, coordinating crew movements and assignments effectively.

Global Fare Sourcing

Global operational insights

Gain a comprehensive view of crew activities across different locations, fostering strategic operational improvements.

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