How ATPI empowered clients during the COVID-19 pandemic


Multiple Oil, Gas and Energy Companies



ATPI have supported their energy clients in the continuation of essential business operations… While some governments have taken effective steps to recover quickly from the pandemic, most countries have struggled to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

Public health measures, such as the restrictions on air travel, have hugely disrupted businesses and companies in many ways. During lockdown, nearly all forms of travelling ground to a halt. However, for many working in the marine and offshore sector, it remained business as usual. Business travel in these sectors implies going to remote places where flights normally do not operate.

Curious as to how our travel experts have empowered our clients during the pandemic? Read on!

  1. Assisted clients in getting multiple approvals before, during transit, and upon arrival at the destination.
  2. Identified flights that actually operated, to get them to their destination at the lowest available cost.
  3. Advised clients to have correct travel documents in hand as to avoid being inconvenienced during check-in and at immigration
  4. During the start of the pandemic, ATPI Marine & Energy embraced the opportunity to arrange and reserve air charters as a solution for our clients globally. In doing so, our travel consultants and key account managers worked hand in hand to liaise with chartering companies and airlines to find the best fare – taking into consideration the timeline and documentation required to leave or enter a country.
  5. Investing in upgrading end-to-end integrated technologies reiterated ATPI Marine & Energy’s commitment to deliver what really matters. These upgrades were critical for our travel consultants, as they had easier access to information needed to safely getting crews, engineers and technicians to ships, rigs and their homes – on time, anywhere in the world.
  6. We offered a 24/7 operational model, where our clients were able to personally reach us at all times to assist them with the simplest to most complicated queries.
  7. Cross-trained our consultants with different operations teams, allowing them to learn new things. Clients benefit from their consultants’ well-rounded knowledge.
  8. We were always ready to expect the unexpected! Our teams had a flexible mindset, which allowed us to respond quickly and accurately to new or changed Covid-19 measures

Special thanks to both yourself and the ATPI team for answering questions and providing solutions at what seems to be all hours of the day and night. For myself, the traveler on the ground, it is encouraging to feel so well looked after.”

Andy Gardner, Offshore Brownfield Construction Supervisor at SBM Offshore

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