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As a parasport team, British Wheelchair Basketball faces numerous logistical challenges when travelling, ranging from accessibility requirements to ensuring the safe transportation of the specialised sports equipment used by the athletes.

The national governing body needed to guarantee that the athletes and support teams have excellent travel experiences and arrive at their destinations ready for training and competition.

Throughout this case study, we discuss how ATPI Sports Travel ensured instant access to a specialised travel team, 24/7.

Who are British Wheelchair Basketball?

British Wheelchair Basketball is the National Governing Body for wheelchair basketball in the UK. Their work is extensive, encompassing the delivery of the Performance Programme, running the National Leagues, and engaging new participants with the sport at grassroots levels across the UK.

The Challenge

The team needed to alleviate the demand on staff resources involved in travel management for their Performance Programme. With travel and competitions often taking place outside of regular business hours, British Wheelchair Basketball required reassurance that they had travel experts available 24/7 to provide assistance when needed.

As a parasport team, the national governing body faced various logistical challenges when traveling across the UK and abroad. These challenges included issues of accessibility and ensuring the secure transportation of the elite sports equipment that the athletes travel with.

Athletes and support teams needed to have guaranteed excellent travel experiences and arrive at their destinations ready for training and competition.

The Solution

Since October 2019, ATPI has supported British Wheelchair Basketball’s performance teams with the logistical planning and detail required for international travel, alleviating the in-house resource requirement.

Through access to a fully resourced travel team, ATPI provides a quick and exceptionally efficient service on demand.

When the Great Britain teams travel together, this includes 24 athletes plus support staff. Additionally, each team travels with elite sports chairs, wheel bags, and physio equipment. This presents logistical challenges in transporting the full GB team to international competitions.

However, according to Justine Baynes, CEO of British Wheelchair Basketball, ATPI has executed a seamless travel plan, transporting the team worldwide with confidence and efficiency.

What does the client say?

“We’re so pleased to have the continued support and access to the services of ATPI, which are essential to the operations planning across our Performance programmes. Throughout our partnership, the responsive support and expertise of the ATPI team has allowed us to plan and execute our logistics with confidence. This has proved vital for us to deliver success across the globe as our teams travel extensively to compete.”

Justine Baynes, CEO of British Wheelchair Basketball

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