ATPI ExpenSys™

With ATPI ExpenSys™ we enable you to create one single view of all your travel and expense costs, from the minute travel is booked until the moment your travellers return to the office. This not only includes air, hotel, car rental or rail, but also taxi rides, underground tickets, business mileage and parking, subsistence, business gifts and client entertainment and any other cost that arises during a business trip.

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ATPI ExpenSys™ will report the total cost of your business travel, whether that’s for the entire company, departments, projects or for individual travellers or trips. 

The Benefits Of Using ATPI ExpenSys™

  • Combines expenses with travel data to report total cost of travel at every level from corporate entity to individual traveller and individual trip
  • Makes capturing expenses very easy for travellers, in the office or on the move
  • Applies policy automatically to reduce workload for approvers
  • Allocates expenses to account codes with unparalleled granularity to reduce workload of finance teams
  • Applies local tax rules in every jurisdiction to maximise VAT recovery and keep your company internationally compliant
  • Limits the resource required. Reduces the cost

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