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These numbers mean the importance of people and the local communities in which we operate is paramount.

Socially Responsible Growth

Socially responsible growth is essential in order to foster wellbeing and generate opportunities in the communities in which we operate. We do this in many ways through investment, training, sponsorship, employment, philanthropy and social engagement.

ATPI has a long history of community engagement and generosity of spirit.  

We are proud to have partnered with Goodsted, a young energetic team who have developed a powerful technology platform for harnessing, driving, encouraging and celebrating the philanthropic efforts of our wonderful global teams.  

ATPIn Kind is only starting to recognise what has long been a passion of our staff.  We are very excited to watch it grow. 

We also have a responsibility toward the community of global travellers and our traveller well-being toolkit helps individuals and businesses to travel better.

Socially Responsible Growth

Building the ATPI Global Family

In the post pandemic period, we have renewed our commitment to strengthening the ATPI family through the development of ATPI Cares, a global overarching project across all our operations led by a team of staff with a genuine passion for people-oriented issues. 

This, together with our training, wellbeing & recognition programmes build on our aims to embrace the diversity and enhance the working experience of everyone throughout our global operations. Combining this with improved knowledge sharing will help us build strong, empowered local teams with access to everything that a global family can share.

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Building the ATPI Global Family

Embedding Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity & Belonging

Recognising the global reach and wonderful diversity of the ATPI global family, we have renewed our determination to provide consistent fairness and opportunity for all.

The strengthening of our human resources efforts will include refreshed policies in line with best global practice but also tailored to local operations.
They will be real and grounded principles. Our challenge is to make sure that they become lived principles and that our ethos reflects the welfare and proud identity of all our people.

Embedding Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity & Belonging