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Travel procurement resources

The corporate travel RFP guide for busy procurement managers

It's time to get what you want from your RFP

As a TMC we see hundreds of RFP documents every year. Although we don’t sort them in to the good, the bad and the ugly, we can spot an RFP that will find a TMC that’s the right fit over an RFP that uses a generic template (and will give generic results…) from a mile away.

Compiled by experts, The Corporate Travel RFP Guide For Busy Procurement Managers will enable even the most maxed-out procurement managers to identify what really matters to their organisation. The guide shares industry-insider insight and prioritises efficiency and scalable solutions by giving you the tools and resources you need to create a successful corporate travel RFP.


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How can procurement teams make the RFP process work for them, rather than against them?

In this comprehensive guide you will find out how to

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    Create a more efficient but effective RFP process…

    …by using our short list of practical changes, designed to enable procurement managers to streamline the process of writing and managing the RFP document. Develop a more tailored approach that allows you to spend less time on the administrative side of procurement and more time on the all-important strategy.

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    Manage multiple stakeholders in a way that works…

    …for both of you. Although assembling a team of stakeholders to provide insight and opinion on potential travel suppliers might seem straightforward, keeping them engaged throughout the process can be anything but. Our experts share the processes that you need to put in place in order to keep everyone involved on track.

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    Plan for the future of corporate travel and procurement…

    …without having to guess what the landscape will look like in five years time. By identifying key trends and the latest technological developments in both corporate travel and procurement, this guide arms procurement departments with everything they need to find a travel partner who can grow with their organisation.

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    Get what really matters from your travel programme…

    …with our comprehensive lists of example RFP questions, ready to be personalised and pasted into your next corporate travel RFP. Whether you’re looking for technology that works, safer and more secure travel, consistent service around the world or simply a significant reduction in spend, we’ll show what to ask in order to receive.