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Arjan van der leeden

Tips from the expert

Arjan van der Leeden is commercially responsible for ATPI Belgium as well as Global Account Manager for the ATPI Group. From his office in Antwerp he travels the world, business and private.

Arjan is a born traveler. After studying Aviation Management, he decided to spread his wings and discover the world as a flight attendant and later as a purser. A unique experience, no flight is the same, every traveler has different wishes and a different story. During various management positions at SAS Scandinavian Arlines, he learned how the airlines influence the market. Yield management was and still is one of the most interesting and challenging topics in the aviation sector.

In 2011, ATPI was already in the top 5 of Travel Management Companies in the Netherlands. ATPI stood out for Arjan for her constructively critical attitude towards the airlines in order to offer the best to her customers. The ATPI mentality where "customer delight" is paramount is still inspiring.

Blog / Tip 1: Quality time

In the last week short meetings were planned at our ATPI office at Schiphol Airport in The Netherlands. Normally I drive, also for 1 day meetings Gent-Schiphol. I am the person that prefers to be flexible and do it my way I thought.. I was advised to try-out the train from Gent to Schiphol Airport. Since the travel purpose this time showed only internal meetings and no need to be very flexible I took the chance to try-out the train. The average ride by car, Gent to Schiphol is 3 hours (1 day return gives 7 hours) and that is just the driving part and not a mail seen/answered could be answered.

What a success the train was!

Stepping into the train 0735hr and arriving 0930hr at Schiphol is mind-changer for me. All the hassle I expected, busy trains, hectic step-over in Antwerp and long waiting times? Nothing of this I experienced. During the 4 hours total journey time on that day, I could work 3 hours. The seats comfortable and the view(just over the laptop screen) very dynamic and I was moving fast. I concluded that for 1 day meetings this is just the way to do it.

Might you take environment into consideration, this is Co2 environment friendly option as well. Arriving relaxed at the meetings and returning with a comfortable feeling with a mailbox more or less in shape, the evening could start.


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