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Mobile technology (Clone)

Simple to access and easy to use – Direct ATPI's mobile travel app is the perfect corporate travel companion

Mobile itineraries, passport and visa details, emergency contact numbers for services across the globe and real-time travel status updates, Direct ATPI's mobile app equips your travellers with everything they need to stay focused on what they do best.

Bring convenience and efficiency to every corporate travel trip with mobile technology that works

Designed and built with business travellers in mind, Direct ATPI's mobile app offers everything that today’s corporate travellers need to have at hand when travelling for work.

Mobile itineraries give immediate and up-to-date access to booked flights, hotels and trains- all of which can be easily uploaded to calendars, forwarded colleagues and enable a push alert for updates. Ensuring that travellers feel safe and knowledgeable during their trip, our mobile app also provides Direct ATPI office details and emergency contact numbers for police, ambulance and fire services from a wide range of countries.

Keeping travellers up to date and on track, wherever their role takes them

Making key travel information and itineraries easily available means that your travellers are free to focus on doing what they do best when travelling for business. Here’s how Direct's ATPI mobile technology can improve corporate travel management for your organisation by: 

  • Displaying future travel itineraries in an intuitive and shareable format
  • Giving instant access to real-time travel information, such as flight statuses, rail delays and wider information about worldwide destinations
  • Integrating seamlessly with each traveller’s passport information and preferences, including visa details and loyalty card numbers
  • Enabling easily shared itineraries for more efficient group travel and collaborative working
  • Offering compatibility with a range of devices

Direct ATPI's mobile technology can improve the traveller experience