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Direct Intelligence™ (Clone)

Access decision-driving data for a truly proactive approach to global travel strategy with Direct Intelligence™

Direct Intelligence™ is an intuitive data analysis platform that contains everything you need to gain an accurate understanding of how your organisation really travels.

The comprehensive corporate travel analysis tool that makes for more efficient and more effective corporate travel

Constantly evolving in order to reflect the current requirements of travel stakeholders, Direct Intelligence™ provides valuable and actionable insights on your organisation’s corporate travel trends. 

Direct Intelligence™ is invaluable to organisations that want more than just an overview of travel spend. This dynamic platform allows for customised, real-time reporting on pre and post trip information, as well as using predictive analytics to provide insight into how strategic behavioural changes could benefit your travel programme.

Direct Intelligence™ allows global travel managers to finally understand the way in which organisations travel

Direct Intelligence™ allows global travel managers to finally understand the way in which organisations travel, making for more informed initiatives and more productive stakeholder management. Offering live reporting, seamless integration with existing systems, customisable dashboards and peer benchmarking, Direct Intelligence™ drills down into the who, what, where and why of corporate travel.

Direct Intelligence™ can transform your global travel programme by:

  • Boosting efficiency by providing relevant, accurate data that can be used to make quicker, more informed decisions
  • Showing real-time data in a dynamic format to ensure travel managers always have an up-to-date picture of company-wide travel
  • Performing peer benchmarking exercises to allow a more contextual understanding of corporate travel
  • Predicting the potential savings that could be made by reducing non-essential travel or late booking patterns
  • Tracking specified travel budgets and identifying the most effective actions to take in order to remain within them
  • Collating all global travel data into one single view, improving efficiency and offering direction as to where resource should be focused
  • Displaying all global data using a visual and intuitive approach, making it easier than ever before to search and interrogate your data

Direct Intelligence™ can provide valuable insight into your organisation’s corporate travel