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Sector expertise

Industry experts who are experienced in every changing tide of the marine sector

Working with international shipping clients for a century means that ATPI Marine & Energy is experienced in all sides of this challenging, yet rewarding, industry and as a result we’re able to share unique knowledge and shrewd insight directly with our marine clients.

In-depth understanding of what it means to be in the marine and shipping sector

Recognised as an international travel leader in the shipping sector, ATPI Marine & Energy regularly works with ship owners, manning agents and ship management companies to ensure that their crew travel costs remain controlled, their logistics remain efficient and heir crew remain safe and secure.

As an authoritative voice within the marine sector, working with organisations such as the International Maritime Organisation, London International Shipping Week, ATPI Marine and Energy provide each of our shipping clients with unique insight and best practices to ensure that they’re proactive in implementing the very best travel strategy.

A team of global experts available 24/7 to help you solve even the most complex of crew travel challenges

Some of the sector-specific challenges that ATPI Marine & Energy are experienced in overcoming are:

- Limited telephone communications and internet connectivity due to frequent electricity outages for those on the ground
- Identifying and working with trust-worthy and secure local suppliers
- Providing a full door to deck service for those travelling to high-risk destinations
- Maintaining the health and comfort of crew as they travel across high-risk countries
- Travelling via approved airlines and finding alternatives to non-EU banned suppliers
- Billing in local currency and multiple currency
- Travelling within the context of political and military changes at a local level, as well as broad cultural differences across the world
- Extreme weather, such as droughts, flooding and tropical storms

ATPI’s expert insight can transform your global travel strategy