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ATPI ExpenSys™

Remain in control of your corporate travel budget with a fully integrated travel expenses system

ATPI ExpenSys™ enables your organisation to track corporate travel spend from the second that travel is booked to the moment your travellers return to the office, ensuring that there are no unexpected costs when those receipts are submitted later down the line.

Gain a better view of what your organisation’s corporate travel really costs with ATPI ExpenSys™

We understand that corporate travel spend doesn’t just involve air, rail and hotel costs and in reality it’s the often overlooked spend that contribute to the success of a trip – costs such as taxi rides, underground tickets, personal mileage, parking, car wash and lunches, which is why ATPI ExpenSys™ takes a comprehensive approach to monitoring your organisation’s corporate travel cost.

In displaying travel costs for a trip using a dynamic single view format, ATPI ExpenSys™ creates more time to spend on analysing and planning for corporate travel spend, rather than processing it. An intuitive user experience guides your travellers through capturing their expenses, automatically applying business policy, local tax rules and internal accounting codes.

Control corporate travel spend while maximising efficiency

Reporting on the total cost of your business travel, whether that’s for the entire company, departments, projects or for individual travellers or trips has never been so straight forward. Not only does ATPI ExpenSys™ make post-trip admin more efficient and accurate, it also helps your organisation in its efforts to remain compliant and maximise your VAT recovery.

ATPI ExpenSys™ will improve your organisation’s post-trip follow up processes by:
- Combining expenses and travel data to report total cost of travel at every level from corporate entity to individual traveller and individual trip
- Simplifying the process of submitting expenses for corporate travellers, enabling them to stay on top of admin whilst travelling
- Applying integrated travel policy and approval controls in order to highlight any out of policy spending to stakeholders
- Allocating expenses to account codes with all the required detail to reduce the workload of finance teams
- Incorporating local tax rules in order to maximise VAT recovery and ensure that your organisation is internationally compliant
- Managing both credit card and cash expense claims so that a complete view of travel spend is provided

ATPI ExpenSys™ can provide valuable insight into your organisation’s corporate travel spend