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Safe travellers (Clone)

Confidence that every corporate travel trip is safe and compliant, supported by experts

A considered and consistent duty of care programme protects both your travellers and your organisation – at Direct ATPI, we see this protection as a priority. Our range of tools, technology and services, packaged with consultancy from global corporate travel experts, ensure that your organisation travels safe, every time.

Implement a duty of care programme that supports your travellers and protects your organisation

Our tailored duty of care packages reach far beyond basic emergency procedure, allowing multinational organisations to track travellers, anticipate travel disruption and provide vital support when and wherever it’s needed, in a way that fits how your organisation works.

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Track, monitor and communicate your travellers wherever and whenever you need to with Traveller Tracking System™

Direct ATPI Traveller Tracking System™ keeps both your organisation and your travellers informed before, during and after every trip, by providing a dynamic, 360-degree view of travel risks, traveller whereabouts and emergency incidents.

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The perfect travel companion, Direct ATPI's mobile app provides everything needed for the most convenient corporate travel trip

Mobile itineraries, passport and visa details, emergency contact numbers for services across the globe and real-time travel status updates, Direct ATPI's mobile technology equips your travellers with everything they need to stay focused on what they do best.

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Travel information and updates delivered directly to those who need them most

Direct Messaging™ gives travel managers all of the information they need in order to be proactive in their day-to-day corporate travel management, reacting quickly to unexpected travel crises and planning ahead for optimal efficiency.

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