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Travel Approval System™

Achieve a safer, more cost efficient approach to corporate travel with Travel Approval System™

Multi-level approval and multiple workflows mean Travel Approval System™ can be customised to fit your unique company structure, providing your organisation with the flexibility that is so important when creating a corporate travel programme that delivers safe travel and controlled spend.

Bring your travel policy to life with a streamlined approval system that increases traveller safety and reduces corporate travel costs

Travel Approval System™ is an unrivalled travel authorisation tool that gives you complete control of how your organisation travels. By using this web-based request and approval workflow your organisation will benefit from greater flexibility, more detailed insight and improved efficiency when it comes to the management of your corporate travel programme.

Travel Approval System™ is OBT agnostic and can be customised to suit whichever travel and people management tools are already implemented within your organisation. The ability to approve or decline flights, accommodation, rail and car hire options with just one click simplifies the process for management, whereas automated reminder emails prevents travellers from needing to chase authorisation as a trip approaches.

Create a seamless internal trip approval process that truly fits the shape of your business

Travel Approval System™ can transform your corporate travel programme by:

  • Increasing the visibility of your organisation’s travel and ensuring that managers and decision makers approve of safe travel destinations
  • Allowing decision makers to control travel costs and choose from a range of travel options in order to suit a range of budgets
  • Using your organisation’s travel policy to automate authorisation, making travel booking more efficient while still retaining control
  • Fitting the unique requirements and structure of your organisation with customisable email templates and automation options built using your travel policy
  • Improving efficiency and removing lengthy admin processes through seamless integration with traveller profile systems and online booking tools
  • Accelerating the approval process with automated email reminders, simple online request forms and one-click mobile-compatible response options
  • Empowering travel managers, finance departments and key stakeholders with tracked histories of all travel requests
  • Accommodating multiple authority levels for greater control and reassurance

How does Travel Approval System™ work?

Travel Approval System™ can be customised to fit the unique requirements of your business and its travellers. This means that as your organisation’s approach to traveller safety or corporate travel spend evolves in line with current events and global trends, layers of authorisation can be added or removed from your approval workflow.

By implementing Travel Approval System™, a travel request can be sent to multiple stakeholders to ensure that the trip is completely signed off in terms of safety, cost and purpose. Using your organisation’s corporate travel policy as a guide, parts of the authorisation process can also be automated to enable even more efficient travel booking.