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Area and airport opening and softening restrictions

Most recent bans | ATPI Alert Travel Opportunities |  12 June 2021

Below you may find the most recent bans in short. Note that unexpected travel cancellations are taking place and airlines status may change at any given time without prior notice. The enlisted information are based on the officially announced governmental travel restrictions and quarantine measures.

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Areas & airports opening or softening restrictions

  • India: Update: More flights resume at Pune airport as COVID-19 restrictions ease
  • U.S.: Update: Authorities in Hawaii will lift 'inter-island' travel restrictions on 15 June
  • Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey: Azerbaijan government will ease COVID-19 air travel restrictions for vaccinated or recovered citizens of Russia and Turkey from 10 June
  • Norway: Update: Fully vaccinated travelers and those recovered from COVID-19 will no longer be subject to quarantine requirements
  • Austria: Update: Quarantine-free entry allowed for tourists from some countries
  • Japan: Update: Government lifts COVID-19 restrictions in Gunma, Ishikawa, Kumamoto prefectures starting 14 June
  • Singapore: Update: Government to begin easing COVID-19 restrictions from 14 June
  • Denmark: Update: Government further eases COVID-19 restrictions
  • Latin America, Spain: Update: Iberia resumes, increases flights to several destinations in Latin America
  • South Africa, U.K.: Virgin Atlantic will resume flights between Johannesburg and London from 24 June
  • Argentina, U.S.: Aerolineas Argentinas to resume flights to New York in July following COVID-19 restrictions
  • France, United Arab Emirates: Emirates will resume flights from Dubai to Nice from 2 July and to Lyon from 9 July
  • Qatar, U.K.: Qatar Airways to resume flying British and Irish nationals, U.K. residents to London from 11 June

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Areas & airports imposing further restrictions:

  • Denmark, U.K.: Danish authorities tighten restrictions for travelers from the U.K. until 26 June because of COVID-19 variant, warn Denmark residents against traveling to certain areas
  • Africa, United Arab Emirates: United Arab Emirates government will bar entry to travelers from DR Congo, Uganda, Zambia
  • India: Update: Jharkhand government extends lockdown until 17 June because of COVID-19
  • India: Update: Nagaland government extends COVID-19 lockdown until 18 June
  • India: Update: Kashmir train services suspended until 16 June because of COVID-19
  • U.K.: Pedn Olva Hotel in St Ives temporarily closed because of COVID-19 outbreak
  • Australia: Update: Authorities of New South Wales, Queensland states issue COVID-19 alert following case in two local travelers
  • No updates



  • This information is up to date at the time of publication and is subject to change without prior notice. The above (as uploaded in ATPI Alerts) are the most recent and urgent travel news. However, we suggest that you also follow the below links including updated news for any country of your interest.
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  • Own face coverings / masks will be required across all airports and flights, to comply with COVID-19 measures.
  • It is strongly advised to arrive as early as possible to the airport for your departure.
  • Airlines have their own policies which are being updated regularly and can be checked directly on their respective websites.
  • For the latest information about local country restrictions we advise to check the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • IATA prepared some leaflets for travelers that might need some extra confidence before they feel assured to travel safely again. Perhaps these are interesting to share with your travelers, for those that might still be a bit hesitative to travel:

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Here you can find the travel restrictions, flight operations and screening per country.

Airlines Policies Reference Sheet:
This is a summary view of policies that has been captured on airline websites on a periodic basis. The summary text does not represent the complete terms and conditions and is provided for informational purposes only and without guarantee of accuracy. Please click on the links in this document to see the most up to date and detailed airline policy changes. This information is also likely to change depending on rapidly-evolving circumstances.

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Most importantly, make sure to safeguard your own health by following general hygiene rules and avoiding social gatherings. Responsibility is the key to overcoming those hard times and returning back to normal the soonest possible.


Covid-19 Travel Information per Country