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ATPI TravelHub pour le secteur de l

ATPI TravelHub pour le secteur de l'énergie

Réservez et gérez l'ensemble du processus de voyage de votre personnel à l'aide d'un seul outil en ligne

ATPI TravelHub vous offre tout ce dont votre organisation du secteur de l'énergie a besoin pour gérer avec succès tous les aspects de votre entreprise dans son ensemble - intégration personnalisée de la gestion des profils mondiaux des ressources humaines ou des équipes, des demandes de voyage jusqu'aux autorisations, des solutions de devoir de diligence, de suivi du voyage, des dépenses après voyage et d’analyse des données.

A travel management dashboard designed for energy organisations, improving efficiency, compliance and cost control

By combining advanced analytics and reporting tools, travel booking and amendment functionality and integrated duty of care policies into a neat, intuitive interface, ATPI TravelHub™ provides energy organisations with the tools necessary to take full control of their travel programme. 

With customized solutions to support the changing business needs of your crew and corporate personnel, ATPI TravelHub™ presents flexible and relevant travel tools in one dashboard, ensuring that you’re booking and managing travel in the most efficient way possible.

A comprehensive travel tool created with the challenges of the energy sector in mind

Balancing the wider requirements and priorities of an energy organisation with the satisfaction and wellbeing of hard-working personnel has taken up too much of a crew and rig manager’s time for too long, which is why ATPI TravelHub™ offers the rare combination of control and flexibility all in one tool. 

ATPI TravelHub™ can transform your travel programme by:

  • Offering organisations the ability to customise their dashboard and select a suite of travel tools that suits how their workforce really travels
  • Integrating seamlessly with your organisation’s existing systems to provide more accurate analytics and increased control
  • Displaying local market products and knowledge so that you always have access to the most relevant information, no matter where your mission takes your organisation
  • Aligning travel options and tools with policy and budget controls, ensuring that all travel adheres to budget preferences and duty of care obligations
A comprehensive travel tool created with the challenges of the energy sector in mind

Customisation is the key to more efficient crew travel management

A century of experience in facilitating travel in the energy sector means that we have a unique understanding of what it takes to make the everyday working lives of key stakeholders easier, which is why we designed ATPI TravelHub™ to provide quick and easy access to everything they need to be able to do their jobs well.

Organisations can customise their portal to their specific needs, whether that be crew management and travel, budgeting or tracking, instantly boosting their productivity by curtailing the need to log into multiple apps and tools simply to arrange one trip. 

Customisation is the key to more efficient crew travel management

ATPI TravelHub™ can be tailored to transform your travel strategy