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Événements virtuel

Pertinent et évolutif

À une époque où la numérisation continue de croître et où les entreprises prennent des décisions éco-responsables, l’organisation d’un événement en ligne pour une entreprise (internationale) peut être perçu comme un cas d’exception. En fait, l'agence de recherche Gartner prévoit que d'ici 2024, seulement un quart de tous les événements corporatifs auront lieu hors ligne, comparé à 60% en 2019.

ATPI considère que les événements virtuel sont également une bonne solution, tout comme les événements dit traditionnels (physiques). Depuis la pandémie COVID-19, on constate une augmentation énorme du nombre d’événements virtuel. Selon un titre de Fortune de mars 2020, 'Les conférences vont en ligne au milieu des craintes des coronavirus''.

Day of the Event Manager 2020

During the Day of the Event Manager on June 30th, 2020, our first own interactive digital event was a fact. Under the leadership of the experienced and energetic chairman of the day, Wendelien, the event was a huge success. More than 200 industry peers were ready to tune in from home and were able to ask questions during the event. Christine Boland (trend analyst), Maarten Schram (Managing Director of IDEA), Niels Janssen (Founder FX Agency) and John Bergmann (Client Services Manager at ATPI) were present in the studio to discuss the future of events. Want to know more?

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Determine what your digital event looks like

To determine your ideal event, it is important to have sharp objectives

A digital event can be created entirely according to your wishes, almost anything is possible. However, not everything fits the goals you have in mind; a big event with entertainment, live music and studio recordings may not be what you are looking for if you want to do a management update. That is why we will work with you to determine what your digital event will look like.

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Determine what your digital event looks like

"We translate your wishes into your ideal digital event. Picture us in this area as an independent consultancy agency"

ATPI's Ingrid Guépin Special Projects Manager

Which type of digital event do you choose?

ATPI's Krysty Girardo, Client Services Manager, comments:

"In the examples of digital events we distinguish between a Standard, Premium and Enterprise event. The main difference between these events is the amount and diversity of content. These are just examples that we hope to inspire you with, so that you can make the right decision. We are, of course, happy to offer any advice if needed."

Curious about the examples? You can read this below, in our whitepaper 'Digital Events'.

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Which type of digital event do you choose?

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