Amsterdam Netherlands
Amsterdam Netherlands

Crew Awards 2024

16 November
09.00 - 17.00
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ATPI Yacht Travel to celebrate excellence as sponsor of the ACREW Superyacht Crew Awards 2024

ATPI Yacht Travel has sponsored the esteemed ‘Best Superyacht’ category at the ACREW Superyacht Crew Awards 2024, which takes place at a Crystal Gala in Amsterdam on 16th November 2024. The sponsorship underscores ATPI’s commitment to the yachting industry and its dedication to recognising the hard-working teams whose excellence and dedication make the superyacht experience so special.

Unique challenges

Selecting the most cost-effective port for changeovers pre-trip, providing support for unforeseen changes on-trip and leveraging post-trip data for future savings are important aspects of crew travel management regardless of the maritime vertical. However, vessel operators and crew members in some verticals – like superyachts for instance – have more specific needs.

ATPI Yacht Travel’s core mission is ensuring the safety and well-being of superyacht crews as they travel globally. These crew members face unique challenges due to the nature of their jobs, which require not only skill and precision but also a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness to changing conditions. ATPI understands these challenges deeply. Through tailored travel solutions, crew managers and vessel operators receive seamless, cost-effective travel arrangements that enhance both the welfare of their crew and operational excellence.

Specialist knowledge

Navigating the complexities of superyacht crew travel requires specialised knowledge. From handling intricate itineraries that sync with ever-changing crew schedules to managing last-minute changes with ease, ATPI Yacht Travel leverages cutting-edge technology and extensive industry expertise. This ensures that crew transfers are conducted smoothly, allowing yacht operations to continue without interruption, and importantly, keeping costs in check.

As ATPI Yacht Travel celebrates the achievements of the best in the yachting world, we also reaffirm our promise to the global community: to deliver unparalleled service that upholds the safety and satisfaction of every crew member and yacht. Join us in applauding the dedication of these remarkable teams at the upcoming ACREW Superyacht Crew Awards.

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