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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Is your crew change possible?

Crew changes allowed per country

Your ATPI Marine & Energy team can advise you on crew changes allowed per country. Several countries around the world restrict access or require a series of travel restrictions due to COVID-19. You may not be allowed to travel to certain destinations or you may need to self-quarantine upon arrival. 

Our travel restrictions tool - powered by Sherpa – allows you to simply put in your destination, hit search and real time information is returned - explaining travel restrictions, quarantine rules, health documentation requirements, and PPE requirements. Make sure you have checked the exemptions area for seamen specific rules. Please note that travel requirements are frequently updated, so we recommend that you check the latest entry requirements before your trip.

Notes that apply to all countries:

  • Merchant Seamen must travel on duty, have a Letter of Employment and/or a Letter of Guarantee issued by the shipping company and must hold all the relevant visa and documents
  • Please note more and more airlines and destinations require a COVID – 19 test or PCR test before the passenger boards the plane. In most cases the test can not be older than 3-4 days. As the requirements are rapidly changing, we recommend passengers to hold a negative PCR test before departure.

Kindly note that ATPI is not responsible for the content of external websites cited.
Please consult your local agent and ATPI consultant on latest restrictions,compulsory Covid-19 test and required documents.

Covid-19 Travel Information per Country | Check the latest travel requirements, quarantine and health documentation


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