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ATPI CrewLink™

Plan and manage your crew travel more efficiently with an travel management tool designed by industry experts

ATPI CrewLink™ was created to meet the sector-specific requirements and nuanced challenges that those in the marine industry face every day. By automating the most time-consuming aspects of arranging crew travel and integrating with existing systems, ATPI CrewLink™ delivers a more efficient and cost-effective travel management process.

Crew travel management tool

That provides the efficiency that is crucial to successful marine and shipping operations.

Crew changes aren’t a 9-5 operation, which is why ATPI CrewLink™ gives you 24/7 access to everything you need to successfully manage crew rotations and offshore travel while benefiting from increased control, greater process compliance and optimised traveller safety. ATPI CrewLink™ is a travel workflow management tool specifically designed for the international shipping companies to manage travel for crew, onshore workers and management. ATPI CrewLink™ will integrate with your existing systems and technology seamlessly, enabling you to manage the entire travel process, from scheduling and booking to safety tracking and reporting.

Direct access to everything you need to plan and manage crew and offshore personnel travel

Equipping crew managers with the ability to respond to scheduling changes and unpredictable travel events quickly and confidently, ATPI CrewLink™ removes time-consuming admin and enables more time to be spent on strategic ship management

ATPI CrewLink™ transforms the process of planning and booking crew travel by:
- Producing significant operational efficiencies by reducing the risk of human error and automating the cumbersome aspects of organising crew travel
- Reducing cost inefficiency by packaging all necessary functionality into one, universally accessible tool
- Improving travel policy compliance by applying organisational preferences and approval controls to every search and booking
- Enhancing the visibility of crew and offshore personnel by automatically keeping track of their scheduled locations
- Displaying a transparent total cost of travel for each rotation, enabling more accurate insights into project spend and improved forecasting abilities
- Automatically searches for the lowest available fare in accordance with travel policy and duty of care requirements
- Streamlining communications to provide a record of all interactions and administration required throughout the rotation

Direct access to everything you need to plan and manage crew and offshore personnel travel

ATPI CrewLink™ can make your crew rotations more efficient