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Calculating the cost of inefficient travel in the mining sector hero image

Calculating the cost of inefficient travel in the mining sector

Getting crew from A to B, via C and with an unscheduled stop at D is often seen as one of the many challenges that come as standard when operating in the mining sector.

Although complex itineraries and delays are to be expected when managing the process of getting crew or rotational workers from around the world to a mine site, what is often unexpected is the costs involved when this process becomes slow and ineffective.

Crew rotations, and all of the travel needed to facilitate them, come in as the second biggest expense for most mining organisations. The meaning of this can be two-fold; the simple cost of air fares, ground transport and accommodation, but also the efficiency cost of arranging and re-arranging travel, as well as the impact of delayed crew members and the cost this could have upon a project.

Content of the brochure:

What is inefficient crew travel costing mining organisations?

  1. Loss of productivity
  2. Loss of personnel
  3. Loss of insight

Causes of inefficiency when arranging crew travel and how to fix them

  1. Unexpected delays
  2. Travel documents
  3. Cumbersome processes

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