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How 2020 has changed crew changes

Find out how the pandemic has altered what it takes to perform a successful crew change in the marine and energy sectors

Constantly changing travel restrictions, local lockdowns and social distancing guidelines have all combined to fragment the travel process, which in turn adds further layers of complexity to crew changes and workforce rotations. Six months since many lockdowns began and there are still no global standards regarding country lockdown guidelines, port regulations on seamen and airline/airport hygiene standards, which is adding further pressure to crew managers.

It is estimated that a crew change may now take up to five times longer in comparison with changes made prior to the outbreak of the virus, placing greater demand on resource at an already turbulent and unpredictable time.

In this short guide we will share how crew changes have been affected by the global pandemic, as well as advising marine and shipping organisations how they can take steps to minimise inefficiency as disruption continues:

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