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A centralised solution that makes for a significantly smoother booking process

eProfile™ works as a master database that integrates with all Direct ATPI and third-party technology, completing up-to-date traveller details, visa information and preferences at the touch of a button. By speeding up the process of arranging corporate travel, eProfile™ frees up the time of travel managers, bookers and travellers, ready to be spent on doing what they do best.

One system containing everything needed to make a corporate travel booking

The process of entering and re-entering the details and preferences of individual travellers is one of the most time-consuming aspects of managing corporate travel, but eProfile™ solves this seamlessly by holding all key booking information ready to be deployed at the time of booking. 

Preventing bookers from needing to log into multiple systems and tools, eProfile™ pre-populates booking forms with relevant traveller details, removing the risk of human error in the process.

One system containing everything needed to make a corporate travel booking

eProfile™ keeps your global organisation in control at all times

With an intuitive and easy to navigate interface, eProfile™ allows you to access and maintain your traveller profiles seamlessly, keeping you in control at all times.

eProfile™ can enhance how your global organisation books and manages corporate travel by:

  • Allowing for more efficient management of your company and traveller profiles
  • Implementing an end-to-end integration with all travel related technology, acting as a master profile database across multiple tools and systems
  • Providing data accuracy, consistency and continuity across all your travel technology platforms
  • Integrating with finance and expense systems to provide complete tracking of spend
  • Offering a single profile to update across all Direct ATPI and preferred partner platforms
  • Fulfilling duty of care requirements by storing all emergency contact information for your travellers 
  • Storing important information regarding travel policy permissions
  • Improving the speed of invoicing processes
  • Remaining compliant with global data protection standards
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eProfile™ can make your booking process more efficient