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Safe travellers

Reassurance that every crew rotation and all offshore travel is safe and compliant

Safety and security challenges begin as soon as crew and offshore personnel leave their front doors. ATPI Marine & Energy takes a comprehensive approach to ensure your shipping organisation’s duty of care responsibilities are fulfilled. Our range of tools, technology and services, packaged with consultancy from marine travel experts, keep your travellers safe and your organisation compliant. 

Improve crew wellbeing and legislative compliance with our proactive approach to duty of care

Meeting duty of care challenges by mitigating against the risks presented by evolving political climates, unpredictable weather occurrences and even day-to-day life at sea, ATPI Marine & Energy’s duty of care solutions keep your crew and offshore travellers safe, secure and supported at every stage of their trip.

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Greater visibility of your crew and offshore personnel as they travel

ATPI Traveller Tracking System™ keeps both on and offshore personnel informed before, during and after every trip, by providing a real-time view of travel risks, traveller whereabouts and emergency incidents.

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Crucial travel information and updates delivered directly to crew managers

ATPI Alerts™ gives crew managers all of the information they need in order to be proactive in their management of crew rotations, enabling them to react quickly to unexpected travel crises for optimal efficiency.

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Keeping crew up to date and on track, wherever in the world their mission takes them

Mobile itineraries, passport and visa details, emergency contact numbers for services across the globe and real-time travel status updates, ATPI On The Go™ equips your crew with everything they need to get to where they’re needed, ready to focus on what they need to do.

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