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COVID-19 | Travel Restrictions per Country

ATPI’s update of the most recently announced governmental travel restrictions and quarantine measures will help you in managing your upcoming travel plans. Click on the countries of your choice to find brief and up-to-date information on the flight status, quarantine measures and travel ban per country, as well as warnings and exemptions.

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COVID-19 | Crew changes allowed per country

ATPI has remained alert and loyal to its promise of finding the most effective travel management solutions, despite all obstacles. Working towards that direction, we have created an interactive Crew Change Matrix, that provides you with a spherical understanding of the current regulations applied in key locations. We have hereby collected information from various sources on most common ports’ restrictions. We have combined these restrictions with flight availability so that you can have a full view of crew change possibility for, at least, the most popular crew nationalities.

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Digital Events

At a time when digitisation continues to grow and companies make considerable sustainable choices, it is a godsend for (international) companies to organize an event online. ATPI sees digital events as a good solution in addition to physical (live) events. In the examples of digital events we distinguish between a Standard, Premium and Enterprise event. Which type of digital event do you choose?

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Sports Events

At ATPI Sports Events we understand how powerful live sporting events can be, whether you’re using them as part of your marketing strategy, as a way of providing an amazing experience for your customers or are travelling as a team to take part.

Discover how ATPI Sports Events created an unforgettable corporate hospitality programme at the Winter Olympics 2018..

ATPI Insights

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