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How scalable is your energy organisation’s current approach to travel?

This is for you if you're an energy organisation looking to grow now that the industry has regained its footing

Branded as a ‘year to forget’ by BIMCO, 2018 provided a tough landscape for those in the energy sector.

Fortunately, 2019 has offered slightly less treacherous terrain and moved the industry into a period of recovery. As a result, the mergers and acquisitions market has found a new lease of life, becoming more and more active as businesses have found their feet after a turbulent period.

However, as energy organisations now look to the future, how can they ensure that their travel programme will grow with them? That it will remain flexible to accommodate the new processes that come with mergers and acquisitions, while also delivering the efficiency, security and spend reductions that are so important in the energy sector?

Our energy experts have compiled a list of questions to ask when reviewing your current travel solution in order to guarantee that it remains scalable as your organisation grows:

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