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Business Travel During COVID-19

We live in uncertain times in the travel industry. We are dealing with many travel restrictions related to the corona crisis. As ATPI we would like to help you on your way in this uncertain time.

Future insights with a practical guide

This document provides insight into the possible future of business travel. Various sources have been used for this, which are mentioned in this document. As ATPI we would like to help you on your journey in this uncertain time. We therefore look at the factors that influence business travel, such as economic developments, developments in aviation and government regulations and how the market will respond to this.

Content of this practical guide:

  1. Key Facts

As of 6 April 2020, 96% of all world destinations have travel restrictions. This means that 209 destinations worldwide adapted COVID-19 related travel restrictions. About 90 destinations have completely or partially closed their borders for travel, while another 44 destinations are implementing the closing of borders in a more differentiated manner by identifying specific countries of origin.

Read about the 4 Dominating categories of travel restrictive measures that currently applied.

  1. Aviation + hotels developments

The borders between neighbouring countries are gradually opening up again. Smaller countries with similar infection rates and close relationships are more likely to open. Overseas destinations will not open soon and travellers will still be limited to travel to / from infection hotspots. Business trips will start earlier than leisure.

Read in this practical guide what main airport CEO’s around the world are expecting. Can airports return to their old levels of flight movements? Will business ticket prizes rise? What is the impact on sustainability?

  1. Travel during COVID-19

What are the changes? Flying during COVID-19, how the new standard is handled differs per country or region. But the fact that flying will look different is a fact. Various measures have already been identified and these will be further expanded by country, airport and airline in the future as more flights take-off again.

Will there be longer check-in times? Will airlines test their travellers before departure? Many airports have indicated that they will screen travellers for ‘fit-to-fly’, how will they do that? Do we need to ware a facial mask? Are food and drinks being served? How is the aviation sector making flying as safe as possible?


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