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Développement durable chez ATPI

Profitability with Responsibility


At ATPI, our mission is to drive sustainability into the core of our business so that all aspects of our global operations achieve the combined goals of Profitability with Responsibility

Responsibility for our people and towards the communities in which we operate, responsibility for our environment and the impact we have on the planet and, finally, responsibility to other stakeholders in our business. 

Having always had a strong, visible commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, the post pandemic world gave us pause for thought and we took the opportunity to refresh our commitment, broaden our ambitions and better define sustainability in simple terms.

ATPI’s ambition is to be the number one travel and events provider of choice for international businesses looking for sector expertise, high-touch service and innovative technology and sustainability is central to this.

Under the leadership of our CEO, Ian Sinderson, we set out to broaden our ambitions and address true business sustainability.

The first step in our journey was forming a sustainability leadership group, focused on key business imperatives and strategic priorities to perform an analysis of the various aspects of non-financial performance. Taking a structured approach - incorporating the Environmental, Social, and Governance framework, we developed a strategy allowing us to balance profitable growth with the long-term societal and environmental impact of our business.

Ian Sinderson, CEO

Project Evolve

Sustainability is a subtle but important mind shift for any business and the journey is one of continuous improvement and self-challenge. It is the journey that never ends….

Under the banner of Project Evolve, we developed a strategic vision and plan to address a range of objectives, identified as unique to ATPI and evaluated in terms of importance, in each of the areas of Environment, Social and Governance.

In developing our strategy, we have also used the UN Global Compact for Sustainability and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as our reference point. This is discussed in more detail below.

Project Evolve is the way we turn our sustainability strategy and ambitions into a series of tangible projects, actions and steps, embraced by all and supported by a strong internal communication programme. Contact us at for more information.

What Sustainability Means to Us

Our starting point is to define business sustainability as a concept in a consistent way that is simple to understand. For us, sustainability is profitability with responsibility.

Whilst profitability is, generally a well-understood business concept, responsibility is more elusive and so we used the ESG framework to help us understand and define.

We believe that only by addressing challenges, setting targets and measuring progress in each of these areas, in addition to traditional financial measures, is the necessary balance for a truly sustainable business possible. Sustainability is a philosophy of business – it’s the way we do things.

Alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

In developing The ATPI Sustainability Plan, we have used the UN Global Compact for Sustainability. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. At its heart, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent an urgent call to action for all.

The SDG’s set out below, combined with a further 169 separate targets, provide a comprehensive basis for a sustainable world and a guide for target setting and best practice.



We have been able to use this "shared blueprint" for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, to articulate ATPI’s sustainability principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption.

We have mapped our objectives against the SDGs to identify specific areas of business focus, where our efforts will enable us to measure and report on specific recognised targets, and others where we will deliver improvements through collaboration and other indirect efforts. 


The ATPI Sustainability Wheel

With a passionate team of internal and external stakeholders, supported by a wide range of subject matter experts, we developed The ATPI Sustainability Plan, which incorporates a comprehensive range of objectives that are relevant to ATPI, a global travel business.

The sustainability ambition, unique to ATPI, is underpinned by more than 25 global projects. The nine strategic objectives are captured in our powerful infographic, the ATPI Sustainability Wheel.

Our Environmental Objectives

Our Social Objectives

Our Governance Objectives

The Journey That Never Ends……..