ATPI Analytics™

While travel data is considered the core of any well managed travel programme, access to consolidated, transparent intelligence often proves complex.

Introducing ATPI Analytics™, a new perspective on data. Available online 24/7, it instantly filters valuable and actionable insights from your travel programme.

Benefits include:

  • An end to the reliance on static data reports
  • Drill down capabilities to inform decision making
  • Easier analysis of travel data trends for business planning and forecasting
  • Intuitive and visual approach including search functionality
  • Consolidated travel data in one single platform, both pre and post trip
  • Benchmarking of your industry peers to help measure travel performance
  • Personalised bookmarks for quick and easy reporting on key metrics
  • Easy collaboration with colleagues, delivering critical intelligence needed to identify savings

Rich Data Delivers Rich Rewards

Recognising that consolidated, accurate data was key to driving cost management initiatives, the Petrofac travel team wanted regular, timely reports. Reporting proved challenging on both sides when there was an immediate need for specific data.

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