Plan B is a proposition that will enable SME businesses to get their employees from A to B and back again quickly.  Your business is growing around the globe, and Plan B is a one-stop-shop travel solution that can be adapted based on your company needs. For instance, additional extras such as Duty of Care, Reporting or Account Management can all be added.

Plan B is a quick and easy to implement travel solution for your SME business needs. ATPI Griffinstone will handle your bookings (including flights, hotels and car hire), and your business will be charged one set transaction fee, giving your business total transparency. The rest of ATPI’s portfolio products and services will be available for you to select as you require, creating a travel programme tailored to your business needs.

Our people will be there to assist you with every aspect of your corporate travel programme as you grow, offering advice, reporting and analysis to guide you to the next level as you travel the world growing your own business.