Our Philosophy

The ATPI Group aims to be the best alternative for the traditional mega TMC’s where corporate travel is often a commodity rather than an integral service. Where trust in service delivery and focus on cost efficiencies are vital, international companies are finding out that their travel needs are better handled by a nimble, entrepreneurial and quality focused travel management company like ATPI.

At ATPI we currently manage a continuously expanding network of offices on all continents. What makes the ATPI proposition unique is that we own most of our network locations thus eliminating the inherent flaw that cripples other travel networks that tend to be a loose affiliation of non-aligned agencies.

Our partner offices complement the proprietary network and have been selected for their excellent fit with the ATPI culture and the company’s ambitions. Of course our partners attain full integration with ATPI systems and procedures to ensure seamless services for our customers whose demands are oftentimes mission critical. In this way we combine our multinational travel management capabilities with the best local expertise.

At the core of ATPI’s service proposition lies our unique ability to align our systems and provide true multinational solutions. For example, the aggregation of travel data - often promised, seldom delivered – is the single most important element in any program that aims to improve the yield on the travel dollar. Sourcing fares from around the globe through our bespoke technology guarantees best-buy at all times. ATPI has these capabilities - and many others - in house and by applying best- in-industry systems in tandem with our bespoke proprietary technology we provide our customers with the finest multinational travel management services available.

Our network is located all over the world. Please find the contact details of our offices here.