ATPI Griffinstone’s security expertise delivers new industry partnership

Geplaatst op 2013-01-18 16:25:00

UNITED KINGDOM, 17 January 2012 - Leading maritime travel management company ATPI Griffinstone has announced a new partnership with the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) to be the exclusive travel provider on SAMI’s membership resource site ‘The BRIDGE’. As part of this arrangement, ATPI Griffinstone has introduced a new specialist travel service available only to SAMI members.

The partnership provides a direct request facility for advance and last minute bookings for maritime security companies who are SAMI members affected by the complex security requirements unique to the marine, and oil and gas sectors. This includes being able to carry ammunition and the relevant booking and safety processes for arms.

Available via “The BRIDGE,” SAMI’s online information resource site, the service will combine ATPI Griffinstone’s sector expertise with the ability to book and clear last minute travel for passengers carrying security equipment, including ammunition. ATPI Griffinstone offers an around the clock 24/7 team and a multinational network of offices located in the core regions of the marine, and oil and gas industries, including Scotland, Norway, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.  ATPI Griffinstone’s new SAMI partnership has been established to support more of the security sector’s travel needs, which are often ‘mission critical’.

Adam Knights, sales director, the ATPI Group, commented:

“Security across the maritime sector is essential to the safe operation of ships and rigs. In many cases, without the relevant security support standard day-to-day procedures cannot take place. Security professionals and equipment must be in the right place, at the right time. With specialist expertise in this sector, ATPI Griffinstone understands the complex requirements of travelling security personnel and has the ability to book and manage logistics of both people and equipment.

“SAMI provides a route for marine security and shipping companies to work more closely together and for professional experts to share knowledge and services. We are exceptionally proud to be part of this community.”The new service dedicated to SAMI members is delivered by a travel management partner who operates to the highest professional standards, and is able to provide clear recommendations on specialist situations such as airline requirements on travelling with arms and ammunition. With over 90 years’ experience and part of the global ATPI Group, ATPI Griffinstone is one of the leading experts in the sector and well positioned to serve the SAMI membership.

The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) provides an international independent non-governmental organization for the maritime security industry and a focal point for global maritime security matters.

The SAMI membership is made up of international maritime security from over 30 different nations, as well as equipment, technology and hardware providers exploring technical maritime security solutions.