We operate as a true extension of the business of our clients. Focused on delivering the level of value that supports their overall business performance, fitted with the culture and industry characteristics of that specific company.

ATPI Corporate Travel

Recognized as the international leader in providing travel solutions to the energy and shipping industry. Our consultants operate 24/7 in key locations, putting cost effectiveness, flexibility and safety at the heart of our service.

ATPI Griffinstone

A full service event management company combined with specialist travel knowledge and expertise. Together with our clients we create memorable events, incentives, conferences or meetings focused on their business, objectives and target audiences.

ATPI Corporate Events

One of the most well-respected global sports travel and events brands. With a long track record in the Olympic Games, Football and more, ATPI is the sports specialist of choice for many sports bodies, organizing committees and corporate businesses.

ATPI Sports Events

ATPI TravelHub™

ATPI TravelHub provides you with one single platform to access, control and manage your entire travel programme. 

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Learn more about Direct ATPI Global Travel

Direct ATPI Global Travel provides clients with high touch service, delivered across the globe.

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ATPI Knowledge Hub

ATPI Knowledge Hub has been designed specifically for business travel and events professionals. It is  dedicated to sharing business travel and events knowledge, expertise and learnings.

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ATPI Yacht Logistics

Learn more about our yacht service offerings tailored to crew members, crew management and servicing companies.

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