ATPI Door to Deck™: Offshore Crew Change Service

An enhanced end-to-end travel experience for your crew

ATPI Door to Deck™ is complementary to our existing (crew) travel management services and provides you with a complete crew travel service - including port agency co-ordination - with one contact, one invoice and 365/24/7 support.

ATPI Door to Deck™ includes all pre-travel processes such as visa procurement, prepayment for accommodation, pre booked and confirmed meet & greet plus all details regarding the safety & security requirements for the travellers’ destination. Full support and security is provided for the traveller through our tracking and alert protocols.

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ATPI Door to Deck™ includes

A full range of logistical services offering complete flexibility of choice, tailored to your requirements:

  • A one stop shop for multiple travel, port and husbandry services
  • Transparency of all costs provided in one consolidated invoice
  • Reliable local representation and services in all Shipping and Energy locations
  • Specialist staff focused on crew rotations
  • On the ground logistics co-ordinated via one single contact
  • Passports & Visas processes
  • Cash to Master delivery
  • Vessel clearance & other crew husbandry related services

Our  experienced, best in class team of travel agents and port services agents are stationed in key shipping and energy locations across the globe and deliver end-to-end support in bringing your crew from their home to their final destination.

All services around ATPI Door to Deck™ are provided through a single point of contact either by phone or email and a single itemised invoice is available for all services provided. ATPI Door to Deck service integrates with our CrewLink™ travel management tool.

Benefits of using ATPI Door to Deck™

  • Easier budgeting and forecasting with access to complete travel costs in consolidated reporting
  • Simplifies the co-ordination of multiple travel services
  • Reduces possibility of error or missed communications 
  • Assurance that travellers are serviced within client’s HSQE policy
  • Frees up crewing personnel to focus on core duties
  • Increases the speed and efficiency of allocation of complete crew rotation costs
  • Assistance and advice on complicated visa processes and requirements
  • Vessel Husbandry can automatically be co-ordinated with crew rotation
  • Eliminates the need for multiple communications around each crew change
  • On the ground logistics co-ordinated via one single contact, which eliminates the need for multiple communications around each crew change
  • Better quality due to a reduction of manual errors, process standardisation and specialist support
  • Vessel husbandry can automatically be co- ordinated with crew rotation

Why ATPI Griffinstone

We are global leaders in travel solutions, focused on delivering value driven specialist travel and related solutions for the Offshore Energy & Resources industries. Our consultants operate 24/7 in key global oil & gas locations, putting cost effectiveness, safety and flexibility at the heart of our service.

Our proven entrepreneurial spirit combined with unparalleled value and service to meet the evolving, unique and individual needs of our clients. Ensures you can focus on your operations knowing our staff will be there to support.

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