ATPI CrewLink™: Offshore Travel Management Tool

Efficient planning and management of your crew travel

At ATPI we understand that the complex nature of the Offshore Energy sectors and the constant changes in crew rotations does not allow for the use of traditional travel tools. To help you manage the complexities of global operations, we’ve developed ATPI CrewLink™

What is ATPI CrewLink™?

ATPI CrewLink™ is a travel workflow management tool specifically designed for the international oil & gas and energy industries to manage travel for rig workers, crew rotations, onshore workers & management. ATPI CrewLink™ will integrate with internal or third-party crew management tools and enables you to manage the entire travel life cycle from scheduling, via travel management to reporting. All in one global platform.

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Your benefits of using ATPI CrewLink™

Using ATPI Crewlink™ leads to better control, greater process compliance and optimised traveller safety. With incremental cost savings as a result.

  • Operational efficiencies around labour intensive, manual processes
  • Cost efficiencies by eliminating disparity of systems and processes quality control
  • Optimised travel policy compliance
  • Visibility of crew / traveller whereabouts and risk control
  • Transparency of total cost of travel and opportunity for savings
  • Improved forecasting capabilities
  • Streamlined communications
  • Consolidation of multiple (3rd party) systems in one single global platform
  • Automated sourcing of the lowest fare available in the market in accordance with travel policy
  • Automated search for the highest possible airline seat availability

Why ATPI Griffinstone

We are global leaders in travel solutions, focused on delivering value driven specialist travel and related solutions for the Offshore Energy & Resources industries. Our consultants operate 24/7 in key global oil & gas locations, putting cost effectiveness, safety and flexibility at the heart of our service.

Our proven entrepreneurial spirit combined with unparalleled value and service to meet the evolving, unique and individual needs of our clients. Ensures you can focus on your operations knowing our staff will be there to support.

Case Studies:

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