Out of Hours Service for Offshore Travel

In the high-risk environment of the energy sector, daily schedule changes and emergencies are commonplace. That’s why our 24/7 team is managed in-house. It’s the only way to provide the highest level of service, exactly when you need it. Unlike many other travel management companies, we don’t believe this service can be outsourced effectively. Our own highly-trained, multinational team will help you with urgent new bookings, rescheduled flights and flight revalidations. We’ll support you through delayed or cancelled flights or missed connections. And if you lose your ticket or your luggage, we’ll be on hand. Round the clock. Round the world.

Why ATPI Griffinstone

We are global leaders in travel solutions, focused on delivering value driven specialist travel and related solutions for the Shipping, Offshore Energy & Resources industries. Our consultants operate 24/7 in key global locations, putting cost effectiveness, safety and flexibility at the heart of our service.

Our proven entrepreneurial spirit combined with unparalleled value and service to meet the evolving, unique and individual needs of our clients. Ensures you can focus on your operations knowing our staff will be there to support.

Case Studies:

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