ATPI eProfile™

At ATPI we are focused on making the travel experience for your people as seamless as possible. Traveller profile data is key in that respect and we know that information is often found scattered around in your systems, tools and databases. Multiple traveller profiles can lead to inefficient travel management and higher error ratios. Data integrity and maintenance issues ultimately have a negative impact on policy compliance and duty of care. That is why we have developed ATPI eProfile™.

ATPI eProfile™ is our proprietary and owned universal profile tool, which works as an integrated master database with all our technology. Its intuitive and easy to navigate interface allows you to access and maintain your traveller profiles seamlessly, keeping you in control at all times.
The benefits that ATPI eProfile™ will bring you are:

  • Efficient management of your company and traveller profiles
  • End-to-end integration with all travel related technology, and a seamless use of ATPI eProfile™  as a master profile database across multiple (booking) tools and systems
  • Data accuracy, consistency and completeness across all your travel technology platforms
  • A single profile update across all ATPI and preferred partner platforms
  • A single profile source to leverage your duty of care programmes
  • Improved policy compliance capabilities
  • Self-provisioning by your travellers, which limits overhead resources
  • Improved invoicing processes
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate user interface
  • Compliant with global data protection standards
  • Enabled for mobile and tablet devices

More information?
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