Mission Critical

ATPI Griffinstone, Discover our solutions to reduce your direct AND indirect travel costs

The current reality of our economic climate is challenging for all of us, with strong competition and increasing costs of operations. One way to improve your profitability is to better control your travel costs. There are additional ways of doing so, and you have probably already explored ways to decrease air fares and agency fees. We can now offer you substantial savings on your indirect costs.

How? By introducing ATPI CrewHub.


ATPI CrewHub helps you leverage previous investments in your Crew HR systems such as OCS, SBNT, Seacrew and Compas. It seamlessly links to your internal HR and Finance system, allowing you to send traveller, vessel and trip information directly from your crew management system to ATPI Griffinstone. Can you imagine the benefits this will bring to your company?

  • End to end process integration driving more efficient and accurate travel requests
  • Elimination of duplicate processes enabling seamless transfer of traveller and vessel profiles
  • Finance system integration optimising  invoicing, eliminating unnecessary manual work, reducing  errors

Direct Cost Savings

Using ATPI CrewHub will lead to better control and greater process compliance. And cost savings as a result. Of course this is on top of the best available fares ATPI Griffinstone will be able to source for you globally. We are one of the few travel management companies with a genuinely worldwide airfares database that also displays availability. Our proprietary systems not only enable us to see all seats in our global network,  it also means we can give you the best locally-priced fares, regardless of where we book them.

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