ATPI Sports Events

Towards the end of 2017 were successful in winning the business for the Canadian Olympic Committee. In a joint set up with Maritime Travel, our long-term partner in Canada, we are now managing both their internal corporate travel (with a Maritime consultant onsite) and their Olympic Games requirements. The successful implementation has been a joint effort of our partner Maritime Travel, ATPI’s Sports Events and our Global Implementation team. We congratulate the Sports Events Department on this great success!

Kathy Coyle, Vice President Business Travel at Maritime Travel says: “We are delighted to be given the opportunity by our partner ATPI to facilitate the business travel for our Olympic committee and we appreciate all of the support given by Michiel Aulbers, Judith Zonnenberg, Helen van Berkel and team during this quick implementation“

Last year our client Heineken entered the world of Formula 1 racing following the successes of the young Dutch driver Max Verstappen. Heineken has asked us to manage their hospitality requirements for a couple of races and has now partnered with us for all races in 2017! The Sports Events team has reached out to all race-countries to make the first preparations displaying again the importance of our network on various fronts.

At the same time we are still making preparations for the Olympic Winter Games in 2018 in South Korea. If your clients would like to be part of the Olympic Experience in Korea, please send your enquiries to me at