Group Sales Information

Group Sales Information

ATPI Norway has won the Marine Benefits and Holm Agency as new accounts. ATPI UK have won Alicat Workboats, Hill International and the Bettson Group as local accounts. In addition, they have won the Premier Farnell account covering travel for both the UK and the USA.

ATPI Netherlands have been successful in winning the business for Henan Process Systems and The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies in the corporate sector and HGRV Advisors in the Sports Events sector.

In Asia we have secured the contracts for Skaugen Marine Investments in Singapore and PG Maritime in India. Our Singapore office has been re-awarded the Swire account. After a decision to move to a competitor the business has returned to ATPI, because the new TMC was unable to fulfil to Swire’s expectations. This will deliver expansion opportunities down the line.

On a global level we have won the account of Superdry (Supergroup Plc) for the UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and the USA.

Bon Voyage Travel, our partner in Nigeria has been successful in winning the business for Nestle, DeltaAfrik and Ecobank.

We would love to share the commercial successes in the Partner Network as well. Please send your input to