ATPI Academy

A short training course will soon be issued in the ATPI Academy for the new EU-US Privacy Shield that has replaced the old Safe Harbor agreement. As this issue is already starting to be raised by our clients and on tenders, it will be useful for your staff regularly talking to clients to have a basic understanding of what has changed within the EU and US regarding the lawful transfer of personal data for travellers. ATPI will allocate the training accordingly for all such staff in those roles either in the US or in any EU country. If you want any other staff to be allocated to the training please let the network partner team know.

The Academy also has other new courses for you to check out. Many of us, if not all, use Microsoft excel in their daily work. The generic knowledge on this program enables most of us to work this program easily and efficiently but here is so much more to be gained from this program. The Academy course will give you some insights in how Excel can support you even more in your daily work and how to take use of Excel to the next level.

If you have questions, please send an e-mail to:   

Reminder: please inform the team of any starters/leavers as this is an ongoing process. Please send any updates to